The Producer Podcast #1- DJForceX

In this episode we interview DJForceX (AKA Barney Whattingham)

Find out more about him and hear his music at:



DJ: DJForceX

Name: Barnaby Whattingham

What is your DAW of choice? Ableton Live

Favorite softsynth? Massive, Arturia Collection

Favorite plugin? Driver, Bass Station

Piece of gear you could not live without? Tractor and Technics 1200 Turntables

Workflow advice, How do you start a song? Be patient, plenty of breaks, give ears a rest. Beat with maschine, then fills, breakdown, drop into Ableton. then bass, etc..

Any secret tips?  Be patient. Don’t try and sound like today’s music.

Who were your influences? Orbital, Chemical Brothers Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Goldie

Favorite Internet resource for EDM Production? Digital DJ Tips

Favorite Hardware: Tracktor S2

How do you market your music?  Release previews 2 weeks before, give to local clubs and friends,

If you had an aspiring producer sitting in front of you right now,  what is the best piece of advice you could give him? Try everything…musically, not drugs:)

Which of your productions are you most proud of?

Parting advice:  Try everything!

Where can people find you and your music?